Kaylyn Dorland
21st Century Learning Consultant, Presenter
and Workshop Facilitator


Kaylyn is a passionate teacher from the Halton Catholic District School Board, where she has been teaching since 2011. In 2014 she was selected to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert by Microsoft in Education, Canada. Joining this community of innovative educators was when her journey with 21st century learning really began. Since then, she has developed strategic ways to teach her primary students how to successfully use OneNote, Sway, Minecraft, Code.org and Skype on a regular basis in her classroom.

Kaylyn is a strong advocate for global education and collaboration. One of her goals is to help other teachers, students and classrooms to connect worldwide; giving them a live experience of collaborating and learning from and with each other. In 2015, Kaylyn began a project called #WHOtoYOU, a virtual collaboration experience that provides students the opportunity to connect, create and co-present an online presentation using Sway. The name, #WHOtoYOU, stands for "Who are they to you? Who are you learning from."

Kaylyn has now become a Microsoft Educator Fellow and Trainer, where she continues to work closely with 21st century teaching leads across the globe, conducts and participates in webinars, workshops and webcasts as well as write about her experiences with 21st century learning in education.

In 2017, at the Microsoft Education Exchange held in Toronto, Kaylyn won an award for #WHOtoYOU as the best Envision presentation for instilling active citizenship.

If you would like to learn with Kaylyn, and hear more about her practical and ongoing experiences with using technology in the classroom, please send a request for a group workshop or a one-on-one professional learning session.

Kaylyn can help guide you and your colleagues with:
  • Office 365 Applications (OneNote, Sway, Mix, Snip, Forms, etc.)
  • Skype in the Classroom
  • Innovative strategies for how to engage students with meaningful 21st century learning 

Classrooms Without Borders
#WHOtoYOU is a 'much needed' 21st century learning experience that teaches empathy, compassion and respect to students from all over the world.

By using Skype and Sway, students will work collaboratively, one-on-one, to create and present a research project together.  ​
#WHOtoYOU stands for WHO are YOU learning from?
WHO are they TO YOU?

"#WHOtoYOU is a great way to teach students how technology can be used to break down borders and help make the world a better place."

Gordon Hardy
Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Sway
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