Kaylyn Dorland is avaliable to lead 21st Century Learning workshops and speak to a variety of meaningful ways to use a variety of technology tools in the classroom.
  1. Kaylyn Dorland is, in a word, awesome. She is teaching her young students so much about the world through Skype and Minecraft, and creating learning opportunities that will stick with her students long after the school year has ended. Though I have not been in her class in person, I was the lucky recipient of a video message from her class. Upon watching it, I was immediately struck by the energy and genuine warmth of her students; in fact, it had such an impact on me that I watched repeatedly. Clearly, Kaylyn fosters an exceptionally welcoming learning environment.
    Jim Pedrech, Department Head English/Canadian & World Studies Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
  2. Kaylyn’s students are confident and competent learners who are connected to the outside world via technology. They are able to interact with peers through Kaylyn’s #WhotoYou program and with much older students such as mine. Kaylyn’s students expertly taught my grade 12 students how to use SWAY. Eventually, my students used SWAY to pitch their ideas to town council to fund a new play park. The Grade 2 students have much longer reach out into the world than the length of their arms because of the vision and learning environment of their teacher. Pretty awesome in her first two years of teaching. I cannot wait to watch her path in the future.
    Ian Fogarty Growing Brains
  3. Kaylyn Dorland pours her heart into teaching her students and it shines through with her creative use of technology in the classroom. It’s truly inspiring to watch students create, share, and ultimately learn together across borders with #WHOtoYOU. #WHOtoYOU is a fantastic example of enabling kids to explore and ultimately learn together. It is a great way to teach students how technology can be used to break down borders and help make the world a better place.
    Gordon Hardy, Principal Program Manager Microsoft Sway